Community Engagement

wms-community portal

Smart Device Access

Experience dynamism with our CMS mobile app. What you achieve via Web, is now also at the tip of your fingers!

Online Group Spaces

Keep group members up to date with their own portal, complete with event management, email campaigns, files, activity feed, and promote collaboration through the discussions space.

Special Interest Groups

Create multiple groups within your community database to provide members that share a common interest a passionate area for collaboration & certain trade sectors to attach at a better level.

Better Communication

Centralize communication with your members with email campaigns, in-app messages, and mobile notifications

Activity Feed

Give members an easy way to catch up on what’s happening within your association or their own groups with their personalized activity feed to highlight recent discussions.

Engage your users wherever they are

Bring powerful networking tools and targeted opportunities to your members. CAMS offers a large set of engagement features users can access anytime, anywhere.

SISAR CAMS For Community

Empowering vibrant communities around the world