Invigorating the Transport Industry

Modernize and secure your transportation businesses with our comprehensive system enhanced with IoT Solutions.

Because it is more than just a Transport Register

Let your transport business acquire an identity of its own with our ingenious Sisar TMS.

HRMS web app

A panacea for your Logistics challenges 

Synchronize carrier tracking and dispatching activities with enhanced monitoring and intelligent analytics – all in a single platform.

Ingenious Property Management Solution

Empower your user to address, daily demands of property management, with ease and efficiency.

Performance Tracking

Detailed reports to see which carrier is at its peak performance to calculate revenue.

Vendor/Customer Portal

Designated portals to allow easy login and management.


Single and Multi-Leg consignments to span runs and allocations.

Group Consignments

Automatically group jobs from a customer going to the same store.

Payments & Invoices

Ease of online invoicing and secure, digital payment with no burden to bank upon cash transactions.


Real-time proof of goods delivery.

Elevate Transport Business

Start a FREE Trial Today! We’re both Web & Mobile App for Logistics and Transport Business.

Vehicle Management

Invoice Management


Live Tracking

Analytics & Report

Talent Management

Need a helping hand?


Get the best management solution that adheres to today’s pace of change.

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