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Streamline your HR functions, nurture talent retention, and cultivate a top-performing workforce, all while prioritizing the employee experience


Smart Device Access

Experience dynamism with our WMS mobile app. What you achieve via Web, is now also at the tip of your fingers!

Centralized HR data - CAMS WMS

Centralized HR Data

Consolidate human asset data in one place and enjoy the advantage of instant retrieval as well.

Leave management - CAMS WMS

Leave Management

From applying/reviewing leave to capturing unrecorded attendance, CAMS WMS does it all.

Employee self service

Employee Self-service

Offer your employees that private space to maintain their personal records.

Application tracking system

Application Tracking

The entire process of hiring from tracking applicants to generating prospective list made hassle-free.

Work Scheduling

Work Scheduling

Analyze every aspect of your employees’ official schedule; be it the hours of work, breaks or overtime.

Data management

Data Management

An organized platform to store data that would never cause any interference.

HRMS desktop

A singular approach to Human Asset management

Designed to decode and augment personnel management. From initiating recruitment to wrapping up retirement, document the entire work-cycle of your employees worldwide from one central place.

Flawless Integration

Integrate with a range od add-ons to enhance the feature and build more intelligible bridge between the work-force management and Technology



Facilitate instantaneous cross-departmental collaboration and informed decision-making through the seamless synchronization of employee profiles and departmental data within our proprietary platform.



Elevate onboarding with seamless user data harmony between our advanced WMS and CRM.

Atlassian Jira


Streamline workflows with precision through WMS-powered automated user provisioning.



Seamlessly integrate WMS and Exact for financial finesse and HR management.



Achieve operational excellence by intricately connecting WMS data with various apps.



Transform HR with Zoho’s premium suite—integrate records, and align workflows strategically.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Redefine event management with automated HR-triggered scheduling.

Outlook Calendar

Outlook Calendar

Empower HR with real-time updates, triggering Outlook events.

SISAR CAMS For Workforce

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