Running a house is a task but running an Educational/Training Institution is a gargantuan mission. There is indeed no easy way about it. From inviting applications for enrollment to issuing transfer certificates and maintaining records of operations in the interim, it is a laudable concerted effort requiring immense division, mission and hard work. So, what are the challenges and how could we tackle them? Here are our two cents on it.

Maintenance of Records

One of the most cumbersome procedure in managing an Educational Institute, be it a school, college or an Art school like a dance or martial arts school, is record maintenance. It is imperative to maintain records and traditionally this has been done on paper. But imagine heaps of paper piled up over the years and now imagine few getting lost/misplaced, damaged by force majeure? That’d be the sore point.

It is precisely why it is advisable to switch to digital maintenance of records. While no one can will vouch that it is hundred and one percent fool-proof, we can certainly vouch that it is more accurate, orderly and you can easily retrieve data from even a couple of years back in a jiffy. What’s more, you do your planet a service by going eco-friendly!

Inter and Intra-Communication

One of the most important factors that requires to be intact in any Educational Institute is lucid communication between the different groups of entities involved. A teacher’s communication with his/her students and their parents, vice versa and the school’s communication with its staff and parents, form the core of the Institution. But it is indeed a challenge to initiate and maintain communication lines and especially one that is crystal clear, and it is also not humanly possible to have in-person discussions every time.

So, what do we want here? Ensure that there is “a defined communication tool for educational institutions

● that is readily accessible and easy to work with, for all the parties involved

● Handy to make clear-cut communication

● Capable of addressing one individual or a particular group or the whole Institute, if need be.


Another significant and “capable of becoming complex” aspect is the pecuniary affairs of an institution. A school has to handle receipts en masse and track and keep a tab on such receipts; not to mention having to provide vouchers/invoices even before the entire payment handling begins. Similarly, from the parent’s perspective, it is no more a doable task to stand in long queues for hours together to pay the fee let alone standing in queues, making cash payments every time is per se considered ancient by most people and thus might only draw flak.

The solution is to take it digital. From preparing an invoice in no time to efficiently handling payments and in the process, spare the parents/pupils, the burden of waiting hours together to make cash payments is as smart as a solution can get. While going digital, it is indeed vital to ensure that the payment channel is secure in all aspects.

The above only indicates a few but most significant challenges that an Institution might encounter. It certainly takes laudable efforts and measures to operate and manage an Institution and this article is our small way of paying “Kudos” to all the educational institution out there doing a fantastic job!