Features of mobile application in SISAR CAMS EMS.

SISAR CAMS Mobile App is a smart mobile application with many amazing features to bring the best technology in Educational Management Solution (EMS) software for all institutions. Communication, examination management, Leave Management, GPS tracking, Inquiry management, Online Fee payment and many other features make it one of the advanced mobile application exists in the market. The EMS mobile app is designed in such a way that it gives access to all the stakeholders as per the rights given to them.

Advance User Profile for admin / principle is one of the unique features which helps management access data of all the students and staff members in their App with the most organized and effective interface with live data reports.

If you feel that your institute need an app to make the operations digital, you can’t afford to get a trial demo of SISAR CAMS. We assure, you will love it!

Let us discuss the top features of SISAR CAMS mobile application:

  • Announcement
  • Direct Message
  • Event
  • Calendar
  • Transport
  • Finance
  • Attendance



The drawback of traditional communication is that the books and paper notes get lost in some cases and emails will get mixed up with many other mails. In order to solve such problems, SISAR cams come with user friendly instant announcement module. This announcement module in Educational Management Solution integrates with teachers, parents, and students making it easy for teachers to send notifications to all the students or parents or a specific group of students instantly.

Direct Message:

In this busy span of life, the working parents don’t have time to check the children’s homework and assessments. The SISAR CAMS app provides a great feature in which the teacher can send the assessment and homework’s to parents directly. Parent’s can also discuss with the teacher regarding that using direct message module. Apart from this, parent and teacher can have a one-to-one conversation regarding the student. It’s more secure and instant.


Parents-teachers meeting/conference scheduling is one of the most time-consuming tasks in an educational institution.  Working parents who are busier, scheduling meeting with teacher becomes challenging. SISAR CAMS tackles this issue and makes scheduling of meeting more easier using event module. Now, parents can select their preferred meeting time using the mobile application.


Many students and parents are familiar with the paper calendar that contains school-related dates and events. The calendar from SISAR CAMS is specific to YOUR child and designed by activity, by class, and by a child. This makes it much more relevant and user-friendly. Parents are up to date on all the current and future happening of the school.


A school bus has the responsibility to take care of the students and staffs from home to school and vice versa. And any delay in the arrival of the school bus and other information should be updated to parents in real-time.  Live school bus tracking system can assist with both things. A perfect School Management System with transport tracking feature can have up to date information about bus location, bus driver contact, bus in charge and real-time notification.


School management often faces problem in fee collection and bill payment situations. Nonpayment of fees makes a loss for the institution and it causes a burden for parents to pay fine. With so many disorganized fees it can be hard to keep track of the important stuff, like a pending tuition payment, a field trip due or an empty school lunch account. SISAR CAMS invoice module makes fees and other payment easy.


The SISAR CAMS attendance module within its school management system, allows a school to share a student’s attendance information with parents. Parents do want to know the school attendance history of their children, Now, SISAR CAMS has made it easy for the parent to access this information via their online system. Since the report is available in software, busy parents can view the attendance report anytime.