A school bus has the responsibility to take care of the students and staffs from home to school and vice versa. And any delays and other information should be updated to parents in real time.  Live school bus tracking system can assist with both things. A perfect School Management System with transport tracking feature can have up to date information about bus location, bus driver contact, bus incharge and real time notification.


Students Safety

In an educational institution, student’s safety is main priority, especially when they travel in school bus. Every parent wants to know that all the safety precautions have been taken to ensure their child’s safety. Transport management with live tracking ensures the safety as it provides all the information to the parent in real time. They can view the current location of bus and they can contact bus driver or teacher who is incharge of the bus. All details are available in Educational Management System software. Each route has unique color and its printed in student’s ID card which ensures students are boarded in their respective bus.

Cost reduction:

Live tracking system using GPS helps in reducing the cost by providing multiple types of information about the vehicles. This bus tracking information can help schools in reducing unnecessary fuel & maintenance cost and can help in improving route efficiency and reduce travel time.

Real Time Communication:

In transport system, parents can chat or call the teacher incharge of the bus. SISAR CAMS EMS has a real time chat and communication system which makes it easier for parents and teachers to communicate with each other. For example, if a student is taking leave, parent can apply leave using the SISAR CAMS EMS software and, they can inform student’s absence to transport incharge from the same application.

Parental Monitoring for Arrivals & Departures of Buses

This is one of the loved feature by every parents as every parent is wasting time waiting for school bus at the bus stop for hours. With perfect information and notification on bus arrival will make them plan their day accordingly. In addition to live tracking of bus, parents get notification when the bus reaches previous stop, so that they can reach the bus stop on time.