Scheduling or maintaining timetable of real-world proportions are likely to have considerable complexity. In order to reduce this risk, a better and reliable automatic solver without any manual intervention is needed. And most of the schools/organizations do not have such a solution. In most of the institutions, the timetables are created by administrators or head teacher by doing manual paperwork. But this process is time-consuming and requires a lot of work.

An effective timetable in Educational Management System helps educational institutions to create and modify timetables seamlessly with less or no manual intervention.

Advantages of Timetable Management System

Saves time

Creating and managing a timetable is a complex task which requires a lot of time and manual paper works. It requires a lot of time to assign teachers and classrooms for periods. This process is prone to human errors since it is done manually. As a result, it affects the productivity of the institution.

This complex process of timetable creation and management can be automated using an effective Educational Management System with timetable module. It requires to assign subject to the period; the system will automatically assign the respective teacher of that subject.

Less error

Paper-based manual timetable system is prone to human errors. A small error in the timetable will disturb the working of the whole institution. By installing an education management system with timetable module, human errors can be reduced significantly. Any errors or mistake during the data entry process can be identified and rectified with just a few clicks.

Eliminate paper-based Processes

Lot of paper-based work is involved in manual timetable management. An educational institution with a lot of classes and sections need a pile of paper only for timetable. Hence, creating and managing timetable records will become incredibly difficult. An educational management system employs paperless administration which stores all the data digitally that takes u no physical space. It helps to improve the productivity of the organization by reducing the paper works.

Customization and flexibility

An effective timetable management system offers high flexibility and customization. It can support any institution irrespective of the size, location or language. Many educational management systems with timetable module like SISAR CAMS have customization support.


In Paper-based timetable systems, the data are created and store in the form of paper. This is vulnerable to disasters and accidents. This results in loss of data. Education Management System stores the timetable data digitally; which protects the data from accidents. All the data of the educational management system are stored in highly effective cloud servers, which will prevent the theft of digital data.

Real-time notification

Any changes in the timetable can be instantly notified to the parents and students using the educational management system. In the traditional system, teachers must announce changes in classes, and there were no options to get parents notified.


Anybody without technical knowledge can use this software seamlessly. SISAR CAMS Educational Management System is user-friendly software. The software easily generates timetable by just entering the necessary data. The software is easy to implement in schools of every size and type.