Education Management System (EMS) is the way to connect  instructors with the digital world; an ingenious method to share and showcase the activities of students with parents, teachers, and administrators. It is a seamless and sound  path for monitoring school activities.

Varied features

SISAR CAMS EMS offers some outstanding and pragmatic features essential for any educational institution. Some are:

For teachers- 

  • Without wasting your time on arranging paperwork, this gives you a chance to do admission paperless. Given that it is a digitalized method,  it is eco-friendly too.
  • Each user (of the app) gets a unique login. Thus a particular user can only access the app through his/her login and thus security is guaranteed.
  • If you have become tired of everyday  scheduling , then there is a diary planner also available in this app. It helps you to check your daily updates easily.
  • Teachers can mark the attendance in this software and students can also get an overview of their attendance. 
  • Registration for school and extra-curricular activities is no more cumbersome with the app.
  • Teachers or Parents can now generate  reports pertaining to a specific student. It is a much-unbiased way to present report and both the staff and parents can easily connect with this.
  • Teachers can now easily call for  meetings with Parents using the app.  Lucid interaction among parents, students, and teachers is one of the highlights of this app . 
  • If any class needs to substitute and shift, this can help to inform. 
  • Now it is a stress-free task for staff to communicate with students and their parents regarding any projects and coursework. 

For parents-

  • If you are searching for all the branches of one school/college within one location, then this app helps you in monitoring all the branches.
  • Parents using school transport can be stress-free, for the app allows the parents to monitor and keep tab on the exact location of the relevant transport vehicle. 
  • The app allows the Parents to track and view holidays, appointments and important events.
  • Parents can know about the everyday menu of the school cafeteria, which in turn   helps them  to know  and arrange kid’s meals accordingly in advance .
  • Payments are easily made with this app. For school/college fees and any registration fees, this app helps you make online payments hassle-free. 

For students – 

  • Students can receive books and notes from the library with the help of this app and set return date also.
  • The app provides for  impeccableexchange and sharing of documents and files. . 
  • Students excelling in activities, be it sports or academics, can now be conferred with E-certificates, specially yet effortlessly created using the app. 
  • The timetable of students is daily published on this app by teachers. Therefore, it is a very systematic and structured way of organizing the timetable.

EMS app is thus a one-stop solution for all education management needs. Its versatility ensures that managing an educational institution and using the app itself, be it from the school’s perspective or the perspective of parents, teachers and students, is a walk in the park and nothing more!