Attendance is one of the mandatory administrative tasks that is done at the beginning of each class. It can consume ample time at the beginning of class and sometimes be difficult to manage. Manual attendance procedure consumes lot of space and time to maintain. With SISAR CAMS taking and managing attendance is no longer a hassle with our attendance module in Educational Management System.

The compact and easy to use attendance management system designed by SISAR CAMS makes the process of marking attendance quick and less prone to errors. Mark student’s attendance in SISAR CAMS online portal. Once the attendance is marked, it will be visible to students and parents simultaneously. 

User friendly portal

Working with attendance management has never been so easy with our Educational Management System’s attendance module. Attendance can be viewed from web portal or mobile application. Online attendance is more efficient for teachers, too. Simply click a button to indicate a student’s presence or absence. The bright and clean pages make managing and maintaining your attendance records a breeze.

Online Parent Tracking

Another fantastic benefit of SISAR CAMS attendance feature is that the student’s attendance information is available to parents immediately. Once a teacher saves the attendance record for the period, SISAR CAMS automatically posts the attendance information to the appropriate Parent Portal without any further action from teachers. Parents can check in with the school through the Parent Portal once a day, once a week, or even period-by-period to ensure their students are attending their classes.

It is another way, SISAR CAMS helps keep parents actively involved in their student’s education.

SISAR CAMS EMS offers two types of School Attendance System.

1. RFID Attendance/Biometric Software Attendance

RFID reader are installed in the school’s common entrance. When students pass through the common entrance with the ID card, attendance is marked automatically. The portal can also be installed in the entrance of each class. ID cards with RFID are issued to students. The RFID reader marks the arrival, departure and interval of the students; at the same time attendance is fed into the software which is visible to parents.

2. Online Attendance

In online attendance system, teacher marks the attendance through web portal and the record is updated. As soon as the attendance is marked by the teacher, it is available for the parents to view in web or mobile application. 

All the records are stored in cloud server securely. School attendance software not only makes attendance marking accessible across servers but also keeps attendance data organized and easily retrievable.